Just friends? Or more than that?

So I've been friends with this girl for 2 years now, but recently started to have feelings for her. And the problem is we barely have friends in common, and the ones we have live abroad.. The last time I was with her I already felt this way, but didn't really know what to do cuz we've been friends.. so I just acted normally. The thing is I suspect she kinda hit on me that time (or I'm just really friendzoned).. So we went for a drink to a pub, only the two of us, and she started saying things like, "when I met you I finded you the most beautiful guy of the group", or when talking about perfumes , "come here, smell my perfume" (and she pointed her neck to me..) or "I'm feeling too buttoned up" and finally "I think I'm gonna cut my hair" (like looking for aproval, or simply not..)
Would appreciate if you could vote on the poll :) Thanks

  • She's into me.
  • She may be into me
  • Just a friend
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Need more votes please! You're just making me more confused ahah! Friends or more?
Please keep voting! I need your help! Only friends?


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  • She is certainly into you dude. Unless there is something she's done that makes you think otherwise?

    • No.. I don't think so.. I mean all those things I mentioned she didn't say it on a very flirty way, but it does sound suspicious to me