First date - how do I know if its even a date?

OK, couple days ago I posted this F**k she called thing and that has been resolved lol I called her and we talked after she called me back. she told me she has to go but I could call her later. the whole reason she initially called was to hang do I know if she wants to hang out alone or in a group and what makes it a date? am I suppose to kiss her and if so when, I'm all f***ed up..where should I take her...she likes musicals


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  • You're a wreck dude, just live your life.

    You know she likes musics, so try and focus on finding something you'll enjoy and take her to it... Or if you wanna save some money watch a tv show about musicals, at home.

    Second, she told you that you could call, which is a clear indicator that your not bothering her. So just have fun and call her / interact with her / etc...

    Lastly, it's not a date unless you guys call it a date. If she says "Hey let's hang out this friday" ... that's not a date... If you say: "Jessica, I wanna take you on a date this friday" and she says yes... then it's a date.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

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