I'm dating a 23 year old and she just owned me in a wrestling match. I was OK but after about 5 min I was gassed. Should I stick to women my own age?

Very embarrassing on so many levels

She figuratively and literally spanked me. I need to start jogging or something
This has been the most embarrassing moment of my life lol I used to be a pretty good athlete and now I get handled by a young girl. I need to get back in shape


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  • Just pretend you let her win. Or get more buff at the gym so you can take her down. But I don't think you should necessarily break up with her over it.

    • I'm not going to. But she knows I didn't let her. She kept using her legs to squeeze me. I got wore out!

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    • Haha yea, I smoked cigarettes in high school, she ran track. I guess the trick is to pin her quick and just hold on tight until she gives up. If you feel yourself starting to get tired quickly, you could always ask for a short break, like "Hey, i gotta go use the bathroom real quick."

    • I should have taken a break. Has he or you depending who I'm talking to done that? Lol

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  • Just shows your a little out of shape. I think you should ask for a rematch. With the stipulation that your both naked. I'm sure you will score the pinfall then.

  • Follow your heart, your heart knows the truth better