Why are some guys assholes?

Why do they talk to you about literally everything.
then next time u see them they don't talk to you but glanced at you often.
then next time u see them they choose to sit near you even though the seating area you are at there's ton of open chairs. Then they don't say anything so I say something and he acts cold / not interested. Then walks away to talk to a teacher then when walking out and past you they glance at you but keep walking!!

ughh I'm so sick of crushing on men they getting hurt and confused!! I can't take this anymore

setting ting on this is our college more specifically a seating area on second floor of college

whatshould I do/how should I act Wednesday if I see him?

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To the people saying Girls and people in general are assholes!! IM NOT AN ASSHOLE so I don't deserve to be treated like I am!!! I deserve to be treated with respect like any other person!

I'm probably one of the sweetest person ever! I like when people are upfront with shit like if he's not into me FINE!!! But TELL me then don't just ignore or act rude (Asshole like) to me or the person
Why are some guys assholes?
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