Should I confess to a shy girl?

I have been seeing this very shy girls for around 2-3 months now. She is shy and I can't really read her feelings towards me. We had coffee many times, and some days ago we went out for dinner. (She said she really enjoyed the evening) I tried my best to make it clear that it was a date, however I don't really know if she feels attracted to me to date.

Overall she likes spending time with me: She asked me several times if I wanted to accompany her to the park for lunch, she studied with me many times etc. However, I can't understand if she likes me more than a friend. I am often physical with her, but unfortunately, don't see her initiating physical contact, and she barely ever flirts with me. Another huge issue is that she felt guilty that I paid for her when we go out. She wants to think of a way to 'compensate' and I don't really like this...

My question is: should I tell her everything I feel about her, and ask if she wants to date me? I can go with her to a park, and do it there.
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Should I confess to a shy girl?
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