Do white and Hispanic women find East Asian men (Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian, Korean, etc) attractive?

I am very curious because I noticed a bunch of negative stereotypes that people make for us Asian guys. If White and Hispanic women find East Asian guys (Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian Korean, etc) attractive, what is it that you find attractive about us? Is it our facial features/structure, body, skin tone, personality or all of those traits. I am half Japanese half Mexican but most people assume I am just Japanese.


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  • I find attractive Asian guys attractive.

    Not to sound mean but I just can't picture myself dating a nerdy looking Asian guy with horn-rimmed glasses who's stick skinny and half my height.

    • How tall are you?

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    • You're tall, I am very short. I am only 5'4" with a stocky build.

    • I think many Asians are like that so you're not alone

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  • I think many Asian guys are cute. I think its the facial features and then with the dark hair... I love dark hair on a man 👍🏻

    • What parts of a Asian man's face do you find attractive?

  • i know my boyfriend finds me attractive im japanese

    • i think its a matter of taste like how some Asian people are not attracted to white people at all

    • I personally find White women very attractive.

  • They don't like ching choongers

    • You have your own personal preferences so there is nothing wrong if you don't find certain races attractive. However I think you're just trying to get angry responses.

    • LLMAO

    • Basically you are trolling (trying to get angry reactions out of people).

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