Shy girl interested or not?

Ok so for months been seeing this girl around. I always had this gut feeling that she may be interested as we would always make eye contact the gym, supermarket etc etc. So I spoke to her at the gym and asked if she was ok she was nice and said yeah are you. Seen her week after sat next to her and left he loads of room but she felt the need to touch legs lmfao? So I backed off not think that much of it and it would just be making eye contact every now and then but once I looked at her n she looked mad at me? And don't see her for weeks so once I waited were I normally do at the train stop and she seen me and smiled to herself then stopped due to an accident for 3months then I started work again and I avoided eye contact and she was crying to herself so I always seen her on the train and one day she was looking me up and down thinking I couldn't see her but I seen her through the window reflection. Then she purposely offered for me to get off the train before her. So I waited to get picked up and she drove past and when I looked at her she turned her head really fast smiling to herself. So I added her on my old Facebook about : months laterand messages her saying I've been meaning to ask her something she asked what it was but I didn't say. Then she accused me of knowing her ex boyfriend and taking the mick n blocked me? Lol so how do I go about turning this around when I start getting the train I will see her everyday.


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  • Right so maybe approach and tell her you don't know her ex-boyfriend. She seems a bit paranoid. Why would you randomly accuse someone of knowing your ex and trying to make fun of you?

    • She didn't say I made fun of her she just said do you know my ex as he plays games and is dodgey. And it's weird cz for months she was showing signs of interest and she's blocked me even though she sees me on the tram everyday I haven't recently as been avoiding it haha but my Facebook pick doesn't look like me that much I suppose she may not know that it was me haha

    • So you still like her?

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