Is it weird that I sometimes feel like I love this guy I've only been seeing for two weeks?

Okay so we've been friends for about 9ish months, and I've had a crush on him for about half the time, but I feel like it's early for me to be feeling this way? It just makes me worry that I'm going to fuck things up by being too much too fast.

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  • No it's normal you've had plenty of time to get to know him. If you two just met, maybe give it more time especially in emotional expression of love toward him. If you two are just now starting to go out, give him a chance to fall in love with you. Be open, be honest if asked things, and be vulnerable, once he gets a taste of all that if he hasn't already, he may feel the same as you do. Guys tend to fall in love faster than girls, so he may have been in love with you all this time and you don't know it.

    • He's been asking me out for 4 months. I just didn't say yes because I'm afraid. I usually do extremely casual, sex only, friends with benefits type relationships, whereas with him I can't be that way. He asked me out MANY times and liked me enough to keep coming back. I know that even if he doesn't feel the same as me he feels something. I'm just worried because we're in college and I have to go back to the city I live in an hour away and won't really be able to see him much and with the relationship still in the "trial" stage I'm super nervous that he'll get bored and won't wait for me for the fall or that I won't see him enough to satisfy him or that he'll forget about me or something.

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    • You're welcome and go through the site until you get a good handle on your confidence with guys, take all her tests too. Here's another good one.

    • Thank you for MHO!! :)

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  • Not weird, but I'm inclined to say it is lust, not love.

    • I would totally get that since usually that's what it is with me and I know it, but with him it's the last thing I'm worried about. Yeah sexy is fucking great and I really like sex with him, but I very much enjoy just being with him. And I don't have sex with him just to fuck like I have literally every other person I've been with, I have sex with him because it makes me feel so close and intimate with him.

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    • Nah I get you I'm just saying that I know it's not just lust. I've listed someone before and this isn't it at all. This is more like "I wanna cuddle and study for finals in silence with you" and stuff like that, ya know?

    • I know those feelings all too well. It's an emotional connection, a wonderful level of comfort and safety, one that could even blossom into love. I am just not willing to call it that after two weeks.

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  • That doesn't sound weird at all.
    Love is something that you can't really put a time-limit on (as in you can only love someone after a certain amount of time has passed). As I'm sure many of us have come to learn, love is something that will evade you when you seek it the most, then catch you by surprise when you're not expecting it.

    (I felt like I may be in love with my boyfriend after we'd been together for just a month, though hanging out as friends for a few months beforehand. I dismissed the thought as to me, it was too early on to be anything more than lust. We've now been together for over 2 years and in hindsight, I can no see that by then, I'd already fallen.)