What should I do about him, feels like he was being sneaky?

I asked this question yesterday, Does it really bother you if your boyfriend likes random girls pictures. And I'm not talking about celebrities, girls that are friends or random cool things in a pic. I'm talking about random girls. My guy just liked some girls pic of her on a pole in little shorts with her ass hanging out in the air and it's really after hurting me. I looked at the page and he specifically liked this one even tho it's a week old and she's posted other pics. So he was definitely checking her page out. To me it feels like he is letting this girl he finds her attractive.

Honestly this stuff doesn't usually bother me but because it is just some normal girl from our city it makes me feel insecure if I'm honest. I know men are visual and attractive women don't just become invisible because ur with someone but I found it really disrespectful. And I really don't know what to do about it.

This all happened yesterday and before I even seen this on my ig feed. He had come up to my house to meet my mother which was his idea. So I really thought he was getting serious about me and now that I saw that it feels like a kick in the face.

What should I do? I really don't know the best way to approach this because no one has ever done it to me.

  • Sit down and talk to him
  • Dump him he was clearly being sneaky
  • Other
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And he also has followed her.


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  • Even to me it sounds shady.


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  • Sit down and talk to him. Give him a chance to explain himself. Listen, don't get angry, and when he's done, carefully explain to him how you feel and why you feel that his actions were hurtful towards you. Maybe he's just looking and has no intention or interest in cheating on you. I'm just trying to think in a best case scenario kind of way here.
    However, if he tries to deny it or if you feel in your gut that he's trying to hide something from you, kick his ass to the curb. There are plenty of men out there who aren't sneaky, untrustworthy bastards and you shouldn't put up with that for even a moment. Good luck to you!


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  • What he did was Douchy behavior but most men don't mean anything by this.


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  • Get rid of this loser !!

  • I'd give him a chance to explain himself first but if you're not happy with the answer dump him.

  • Dump him if its just a random girl then it's a red flag. He sounds like a douche.