How can I stop my feelings???

I am in love with my best friend of all my life brother and it is not a good thing! He is 7 years older then me and I know it is not just a fling or something cause I have none them my entire life he is like family! Anyways I can't have these feelings cause I know nothing can happen between us right now. I want to have these feelings but then I don't cause I want something to happen now and I know it can't even though we both want it to!



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  • Feelings are feelings and we can't get rid of them. Just like fear, sadness, joy, and hate, we feel them when our body wants us to for the reasons it wants. If you love him, and something cannot currently happen, then be patient. A chance will come when the time is right that you can sit down and talk to him about it. Even if it turns out that you don't end up together if he is truly your friend it shouldn't make things difficult.


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