Would you be a sugar baby? has anyone been a sugar baby?

Guys and girls can answer but look
Honestly I was! If I could get paid for my company why not?
Now I know a lot of people just assume they are paid for sex, and some are! But not every sugar baby relationship includes sex.
If I could get paid big to spend time with a guy, go out to dinner a movie, shit I'd go to his games and be his #1 chearleader.
I doubt I'd ever be open to getting paid for sex though, like if got to that point if I was attracted to the guy I would refuse money and just make it clear I'm interested in having a sexual relationship but don't want to be paid for it.
However there are other things that honestly why wouldn't you? Hundreds just for a date? Or two?
Some people just don't like the idea but honestly I don't see much wrong with it.
To me it's like the same thing if a guy paid for your food and drink when you go on a date. expect it's a lot more.
And guys why not? If you could be paid that much just to spend time or do w. e with a woman older than you why not? You can choose what you tolerate or accept and there's no harm done. When your done your done.

Note I don't see anything wrong with it but I wouldn't rely on it all alone, I would still have my job and go to school.

Oops lol auto correct fail instead of I was i meant I would. I've never been a sugar baby or became serious about it enough but I believe I would


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  • I wouldn't mind being a sugar daddy. At least i know exactly what situation I'm in and am cool with it.


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  • I know a couple people who have this type of relationship, it works for them, they treat it like a regular relationship meaning they never felt they needed to have sex but over time they wanted to. Personally I can't fake liking a person for so long so I don't think I'd be a good one haha, I can see how its appealing because essentially you are getting paid for the company, however when I was having a conversation with one of my friends about it she says majority of the people who want a platonic relationship are rather.. odd I suppose lol. I can't think of the word at the moment BUT also most are older in age so I don't know if i'd feel comfortable being out with someone who could be my grandfather lol.

    • Lol your right, in my view if he was my father's age but still looked like Robert Downey jr or Johnny Depp I'm down. Lol that's a bit unrealistic I know but no on the real side I get along with people well of all ages, and I think as long as he looks well and takes care of himself I'd be able to keep company without feeling awkward about it

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  • There a site where you can do this, I hope you know that and they're high dollar people. I've also done the whole nude an oncomouse thing for money but never showed my face.

    • Yes I know there is, I'm not more than 50% into the idea, but I have considered it and think i would do it not soon but maybe a year or so from now depends where I'm at. I wouldn't sugar baby if I was in a relationship

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    • He may be and he may not the point is i dont have to take my clothes off. He can imagine w. e he wants but I'm not preforming anything. And your right the whole nude Webcam thing is popular, but again I'm not interested in taking my clothes off for money. It's not for me, and I'm not interested. A non sexual acting sugar baby is as far as I would go. I wouldn't be a stripper a porn star or a Webcam girl. Just not interested in that I don't know why but it doesn't appeal to me in the same way.

    • Yeah but you can't be in a relationship with a sugar daddy and make it not sexual because it is sexual. Even if you're comfortable with people eye fucking you, you're still with in the means of being in a sexual relationship lol. Let take this whole nude and webcam thing out of the equation. You know it's perfectly legal for a man to record you if you're on his property? You could be in a relationship with the guy but you don't know if he's recording you while you're taking a shower and why would he need to tell you when he's perfectly ok doing so.

  • i want to know how much you charged him for a week of company.

    • I didn't charge anything I've never been a sugar baby that was a autocorrect fail. Haha and I honestly don't know how much I'd charge if I ever decited to do it I would probably seek counsel from other more experienced sugar babies

    • once i asked a webcam girl how much for 24 hours...

      she wasn't up for it. lol

    • Lol I see

  • If i were single without kids...

    I don't think i'd be comfortable paying a woman to hang out with me. I wouldn't be comfortable paying her to have sex with me, because i want her to want to.

    I would be happy to help financially support a younger woman i was sleeping with.

    I recognize there is a blurry zone in all this.


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  • Sure lol Only if he less than 40 years old. Who want me to be their sugar apple? hahah! P. S no sex include!

  • nooo lol

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