Why do guys mention wanting to take me on a date but then never make actual plans?

For example, I've been hooking up with the same guy every weekend for about a month now. We text occasionally during the week, but normally we just meet up when we're out, hang for a bit, and then have sex. I always spend the night/he always spends the night and we cuddle and talk. We get along well, but again, it's just been hooking up and he doesn't seem to be showing signs of wanting a relationship.

But twice now, he has mentioned wanting to go to this burger place I've told him about with me. The first time, it was on a Sunday night and he mentioned it after I said I had gone there that weekend. He said that the next time he was craving a burger and fries, he would be sure to let me know and we could go with a winky face. The second time was when he drove me home after hooking up this weekend. It was the first night I actually felt like we hung out for real because we watched almost an entire movie together and we were talking like crazy, and the next morning we were talking a lot more than usual and being really flirty in a more boyfriend-girlfriend type of way. But still, it's the end of the semester so I wasn't expecting anything. But when he was driving and we got to my house, we weren't even talking about the burger place and he was like, "Hey, sometime this week we really should go there. I can't today because I have a lot of studying to do but we definitely should this week" and I said something along the lines of okay sure, let me know, etc.

It's finals week and we both move out on Thursday and we were texting throughout the day Sunday and yesterday and he hasn't mentioned it again. It doesn't seem like it's going to happen. Why bring it up TWICE then? I just don't understand what the point is.
Why do guys mention wanting to take me on a date but then never make actual plans?
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