Should I make the first move/add my crush on facebook?

i need your opinion on this. I was searching for good clubs to train martial arts for when I go to study abroad for six months and I found this guy, a trainer who I immediately felt drawn to. I looked the club up on fb, came upon his profile and I developed a HUGE crush on him, which happens very rarely to me. It's been almost a month and I'm thinking about him more and more every day. But the thing is, I have to wait another five months to move to his city for studying, to start training at his club and meet him. It feels like agony to wait that long. So I was thinking about maybe adding him on facebook, even though we have no mutual friends and don't even live in the same country at his point but I'm concerned that he might think of me as some sort of creep and wonder who the hell I am and how I found him. On one hand, maybe I should risk it and add him, maybe start a conversation with him, but on the other I'm very much afraid to possibly ruin everything for not waiting to meet him in person and develop a friendship first. I'm generally not that shy, but when it comes to letting someone know I like them, I don't have enough confidence, I think that I'm not good enough etc. He's a very attractive guy and I'll have a lot of competition, but I've learned that he's also a very sweet and kind person. So what should I do? - Concentrate on my studies and other important things for these 5 months and forget about him until it's time to go or try to connect with him beforehand? Sorry for the long post. Please help <3


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  • Just add him. Its not a big deal. I doubt hell see you as a creep for something as simple as a facebook transaction.