What the technical difference between non exclusive dating, and hanging out with someone you like and are attracted to?

I don't understand if there is nothing automatically expected to happen in dating-like ex or engagement- dating i jut about getting to know someone than how is it any different than what people already do with friend they like-esp at university?

and i you've been friends with someone you like for a while , how do you know when its time to move things forward, or move on? how do you decide?


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  • I guess one required to date just this one person and the other doesn't

    • bt if i non exclusive-i think people call it casual dating- then dating then you're not required to date just this one person.. hence my confusion. ugh. :)

      also, how do you know if you're read y to date?

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    • yeah It takes energy hahah! You got make someone else happy and etc. Esp when you give them your heart its draining.

    • hmm yeah making people happy is exhausting. i think thats why id rather date casually. so they can get happy by someone else if im tired.

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