Should I ditch hiim?

okay so there's this guy I dated a few months back and the farthest we got then was making out. he then cheated on me and left me for the girl that I didn't trust him with. Somehow, in a few months, we got back together.. he expected us to be the way we were before (making out and saying i love you) and I was like "No, you have to earn my trust" We have been together for 12 days and we hung out a lot so don't be surprised in what I'm about to tell you. He performed oral on me.. and I was moaning and kinda pushing him with my legs.. we agreed not to tell anyone but my best friend, Zoe. He was next to me when I told her.. I just said "we did oral this weekend" and without me knowing, he went to someone who used to have feelings for me who is like an annoying brother to me now- and described it all very vividly. They aren't even that close of friends. I don't understand why him of all people. When I confronted him, he said it didn't directly come out of his mouth and all he said was yeah. he has a bad temper and was obviously getting an attitude. He keeps saying "if you seriously don't trust me that much, well then you can break up with me. But if you're not, let me know." I honestly don't even know what to do. People say I go through guys, and this would just prove the rumor. What if he tells or told more people than just my one other friend? He has a bad temper too... and without him I don't really have to worry bc he gets possessive. This is remotely related to this question but I sorta have a girly crush on his friend who also happens to be his neighbor, (Logan) Logan doesn't date, he only does one night stands, friends with benefits, and fuck buddies. HELP!! girls what would you do and guys what would you want or expect to happen?
Should I ditch hiim?
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