I've only gone on ONE date with this guy & im completely infatuated with him... Is this normal? Please someone tell me it is ?

I really wasn't planning on meeting anyone. I was just hurt badly by someone and swore off relationships and guys and was busy working on myself. Then I met this guy on social media... We talked for a couple weeks, and we met for a few hours a couple days ago and have plans to meet up again this weekend. I'm out of town during the week, so I can't see him... But he asked me out right away again. In just SO infatuated with him. He seems like all I've been wanting.. I don't mean he's perfect, I don't expect that, I just mean... If I were to make a cut out guy, it would be him. Surface-wise Anyways. I'm just so excited and I think about him 24/7, and fantasize about him.. And I feel crazy because I was just promising myself I would never do that and here I am, all over again.. But this time it feels real. He is a genuinely good person, and I don't know it all seems too good to be true. I'm excited but super scared it'll end and here I am day dreaming about him all day 🙈


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  • It's completely normal to feel that way but don't rush into things. Take your time to get to know him and see if he's really the person you think he is. Enjoy your new feelings and be careful. Good luck!

  • no its normal because you probably are daydreaming that he perfect. But the reality is he isn't.

    • I knowwww he isn't lol

  • no, its not normal. your romanticizing him in your head because you were so lonely after your breakup. when you get to know him and find out that he is human and has a personality different than the one you've assigned him, you might be disappointed

    • I'm not assigning him a personality. I'm just high off of feeling like there's something to look forward to again. I am not daydreaming about him saying or doing anything... I guess daydreaming was the wrong word. It's more like wondering what he's up to, we text each other, and I just feel high

    • And it wasn't a breakup. I was MORE lonely with the other guy because we were just sex partners and he really hurt me in the end

    • Ok so you are lonely. Just because you weren't official with first ole boy doesn't mean the symptoms aren't similar to a break up. But you say you've been fantasizing about him and he would be your cut out guy. But it didn't seem like you know much about him.