How to get an ex back.. He broke up yesterday pls help?

Please help me :( my boyfriend of 1 year broke up with me yesterday. We had a strong foundation, travelled together for a month-long holiday, rarely fight etc. But a few days ago we had little arguments, trivial stuff, and he said this relationship doesn't feel right and we shouldn't continue, that he can't be a good Christian if he gets tempted into having sex. I'm Christian too and before he didn't have an issue even being Christian for so long..

We broke up yesterday, I called him twice (1 minute calls) and sent a conclusion/acceptance text. I will focus time on myself now but what should I do to increase the chances of him coming back?


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  • Give him space and don't message him at all. And if he doesn't try contracting you after time has past... then it means it's over and you need to move on?

    • Thank u very much for ur comment :) gave me some hope
      Am wondering if you've ever been in this situation where you've broken up and no contact for a bit then you decided to get back together?

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    • Ohh okay, do you know how long they went non contact for and did the dumper or dumpee initiate contact first? Sorry for so many questions just desperate :(

    • In some cases the dumper message first but you can message first as will... and at least 4-5 months is enough. It's ok ask as many questions as you like but dont get your hopes up.. time heals all wounds.

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  • You can't you need to accept that and move on don't call him don't text him.


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  • Give him some time, let him chill out. Don't contact for a while. In a few weeks if he has not talked to you send a hello text, if no response or negative response its over.

    This is yet again one more reason i very much dislike religion. Most religions say sexual urges are disgusting and vile or sinful. If they are then why do we have them. Humans did not evolve this way, we evolved with these urges to insure our race stays alive and thriving.

  • The odds aren't in your favor. He left for a reason... He said this relationship doesn't feel right which means he doesn't have feelings anymore and probably wants to have sex with a girl. Better u just find someone else


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