A girl didn't respond to me over text and I think I might have scared Her or creeped her out, is it okay to apologize?

Knew her from college asked her if she would like to go someplace not literally someplace but to go to an amusement park in town, I didn't ask her out on a date or to be my girlfriend, she responded positively to my texts and we talked for 4 hours last night, she seemed interested and everything, class ended already so I won't see her again and after I asked her, she stopped responding all together, if she doesn't respond soon would it be okay to at least apologize and leave it at that?


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  • i'll answer your question if you answer my question for a survey i'm doing real quick: what's your college major?

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    • Ehhh... More like, don't friend zone yourself? I mean texting is cool and all, but after a while you need that face to face time or it becomes a dead end--regardless of how chill the texting is (not that it has to be quirky or anything but she can't be your girlfriend if you never see her...) as to when, is there any sort of school bash or whatever that everyone goes to during the summer? Or some local thing that everyone goes to? Because I'd find some sort of local event that's happening soon and when it comes along just pop up the question. Just like you would to a friend... You know? I'd treat the upcoming convo just like a convo

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    • Alright thanks I'm pretty sure it'll work out good, first I have to see if she even responds on Friday but other than that thanks for the advice,

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