How to fix a broken friendship?

So me and this guy were best friends for almost 2 years. I realized that I had feelings for him, but I didn't say anything for almost a year because I was afraid of ruining our friendship, then one night he calls me almost crying saying that he does like me as more than his best friend. The next day I called him back and he said he wanted to wait until Christmas break to start dating (he was at a different school and was transferring to mine in the spring) and I agreed because it made sense. Well Christmas break came and we acted like we were dating. He came over to my house for Christmas Eve dinner, I went to his house for Christmas dinner. And we bought each other gifts like we were a couple. He also bought me a necklace, which I thought was kind of a big deal. I was very confused about what we were and I was just waiting for him to ask me to be his girlfriend, so finally I asked. He told me that he 'didn't have time for a relationship.' He broke my heart. He said that he still wanted to be friends with me, and I agreed because he was my best friend. I literally told him everything and he's the only one of my friends who've seen me cry. So we tried the whole friends thing for awhile and it was going okay until he started talking to another girl. I freaked out and realized that I still had feelings for him, so I kinda cut him off. 3 months later I've realized that I miss him as my best friend. Should I try to fix the friendship or should I let it go? Is it too late? I was thinking about writing him a letter to get all my feelings out, but I don't know. Any advice helps
How to fix a broken friendship?
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