Tips on surviving (successfully!) a first date?!

I basically grew up with my ex, but sadly in the end we grew apart . I'm confident I've moved on from that relationship but I've stalled trying to find a new one! I haven't had to date for 4 years and to be honest I feel slightly sick at the thought!

There's a guy I know through mutual friends who's apparently on the verge of asking me out, so please help! If I'm not doing the asking can I still suggest what we do? (I'd like to do some kind of activity, I can't stand the thought of being sat in a bar, staring at my wine glass, willing it to inspire me with something to say.) What are good topics of conversation? - so I don't sound like I'm giving a job interview. And if it all goes hideously wrong, what's the best method of escape?! Any advice welcome really!


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  • My best advice would be go out into the world and do something that you have never done. Go sky diving maybe, or go surfing, or try scuba diving (all places common in most areas) then you have something to talk about. There is nothing better than listening to someone, and having conversation, with someone that has a story to tell. Cheers.


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