i am kinda afraid of making out with my boyfriend. this was kind of a big deal in my last relationship and part of why we broke up. is it really that important in a relationship? regular pecks on the mouth are just kinda lame for me, but kisses on the cheek make me happy. what do you guys think?


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  • well a kiss on the cheek is all about the girl but personally, kissing a girl on the cheek doesn't emotionally satisfy me since girls receive kisses on the cheek in normal settings from people other than their significant other or boyfriend


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  • Kisses are important in a relationship, because a romantic relationship needs to have some sort of physical closeness. If it didnt, it would sort of be a more friends zone thing.

    If you're not comfortable kissing the guy, it might mean that you just don't like him enough to be comfortable with that kind of closeness.

    Maybe you need to consider what your feelings are toward this guy? If you're 100% sure you like him, then just give it a go! You might decide you like it

    • Well, I like kissses, but makeing-out and frenching creep me out.

    • You sound exactly like my friend! hahaha

      All I can say is what I said above, if you're 100% sure you like him, just give it a go.

      If you decide you really don't like it, try to steer away from making out. I know its really gross if the guy just goes for the full on make out as soon as you start kissing, but you can always try to change this practice for him

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