Im 21 years old and I've was with the same guy since i was 18 . He is the only guy i have ever been with in any way. When i turned 19 me and his broke up and he immediately hopped into another relationship. Me and the girl were complete opposites im on the short side and curvy and going to school to be a doctor. she's tall and is a model , During our break up i was not only insecure but heartbroken to say the least. She ended up cheating on him and treating him poorly in the long run. Me and him did not speak for an entire year i blocked him and kept my distance. The year into our break up he called my house phone repeatedly telling me what a horrible mistake he had made and how he was sorry and how he was immature and that he would do anything under the sun to get a good women back. Through time he slowly earned my trust back and today we've been back together for 4 months i had no complaints up until NOW.. He recently liked 3 of her instagram pictures.. Which im not going to lie made me feel a bit insecure due to the fact she STILL loves him and wants to be back with him and it made me also wonder if it meant more than "Just a like" . Am i overreacting? Or should i actually be concerned?


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  • no i think your feelings are legit and i would be concerned to. it's one thing to just like a person's pictures but you have to wonder what he's thinking about when it's a girl he essentially dumped you for.

    like is he truly over her?
    does he still have feelings for her?
    if she came back in the picture would he jump back to her?

    • Thank you so much for understanding its been eating me alive in a way i want to address it but i dont know how and suggestions on how i should bring it up? And it all honestly makes me concerned and not trust him at all...

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    • Thank you thats totally a perfect way to bring that up im a little scared of an argument starting but it needs to be addressed id really feel like a fool if it progresses into something more right under my nose

    • it could lead to an argument but i do agree that i think it needs to be addressed.

  • She might take him back just as you did but at least you didn't cheat on him so I don't know why he would trust her again and that would be dumb leaving you again but I would be bothered by him giving likes to someone he was with before , maybe he hasn't learned his lesson yet

    • Thank you so much and yes i agree with you and it totally does bother me a lot

    • Well I hope he sees the good person you are