I'm worried he's no longer interested in me. Do you think this is the case?

I have been talking to this guy for over a month. We started speaking online (bare in mind we went to school together, so he isn't a complete stranger). Every other day he has asked me to go out and I have declined (for varies reasons). So he kept joking around by saying he was going to come to my work place to see me.

I genuinely thought he was just joking around until twice last week he mentioned being near my workplace and he was going to pop in, however I was on my lunch break both times.

Today out of nowhere he walked in. At first I didn't recognise him and then when I did, I froze. I said hello and although he was waiting to be served I avoided it. My colleague called him over and then I walked over to talk to him briefly, then I walked off. Before he left the building I said bye to him. My colleagues noticed that I seemed very distracted and I was acting really weird. Right after I texted him to tell him I went into shy mode and he seemed okay about it.

Since then he hasn't really asked me to go out or texted me much this evening. Does it sounds like he's lost interest?


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  • Well, I would have lost interest since I would perceive your attitude as reject. Honestly, If I was this guy, I would be wondering "What did I do wrong? Why is she so distant?"


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  • I honestly would lose interest if I were him as well.
    I mean, I get that you're shy but there has to come a time where you break out of it or you will lose any one who shows you interest.
    You're coming across as distant and cold.
    If that's not what you want, then you have to break out of it and explain yourself to him.
    Take the initiative... ask him out.
    Let him feel wanted.


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  • Sounds like he thinks you're not interested, he probably noticed you were actually a little awkward when he went to your work

  • Hey, u can find out a lot but u have to be a little brave. You can ask him if he'd like to go out during the weekend... Now listen carefully... a guy interested in a woman will do ANYTHING for that date with a woman he is truly interested in... if he says he is busy or can't without letting u know when he will be available to, than he is either playing games, or he isn't interested... best wishes love!!

    • Thank you!! He asked me if I wanted to see him at almost 1am the last night - I turned him down and told him exactly why. Why couldn't be have asked me out in the day time? Smh

    • Or earlier mind you.

    • Good for you girl!!! If he had respect he would've asked at a reasonable hour, and actually made plans... those are booty call hours. I don't think he has relationship intentions.

  • He might be feeling like you rejected him a few times already and interprets that as you just not being into him. If you really are interested, you need to let him know, asap. Ask him out, give him comliments. Be bold and fight for him if you want to be with him. Good luck!