I want to fix this please?

My guy needed some space so I gave it to him.
This morning I got sad and caved, sending him a message being like "i miss being happy but I get you need space blah blah blah". I feel like a fool right now.

He sent a lovely response back:

"I don't really know how to reply to this. But I really appreciate you giving me space and don't think that I haven't noticed cause I have :) I'm extremely busy at the moment with this simulation thing but i'm not going to forget you. I'll speak to you soon xx"

I love him to bits & want to be with him. We used to be super happy but since he went away to uni I feel like it has been getting dull and i want to be interesting and exciting again. I feel so lost and i have no idea what to do.
I want him to want to be with me.
I want to be a part of his life but I can't unless he wants that too.

What do I do?


What Guys Said 1

  • Unfortunately the only thing you can do is ride this time out. It's not something that is in your control. Try your best to ride this wave. It sounds like he is going to do what he can to make it up to you when he can. You just have to learn patience right now.


What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds like he has other priorities now like school and whatnot.. It sucks but I'm glad you were able to make the decision to give him the space he needed. I'm not really sure if there's anything you can do at this point :(.. It sounds like you'll just have to wait until he has the time to address everything. You guys sound like you're still on good terms though, so have hope!

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