If you asked someone what they want from you, and they said they were in love with you. Would you still want to date them?

You are getting ready to try again with someone you'd tried dating in the past. (Didn't work out because s/he said it was not a good time. Real reason being because s/he was in love but not prepare to deal with those feelings.) Not being sure if they would be interested, you ask what they want. In response they say they are in love with you.

What would you make of that as a response?

Would that freak you out?

Would you still ask them out?

  • I'd freak out and not want to date.
  • I' be surprised but still want to date.
  • I'd ask what they meant. Why they said that.
  • I'd be surprised but kind of happy about that, id definitely still ask them out.
  • Having like them so long-26 months to be exact- I'd skip the date and ask them to be my gf/ boyfriend.
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  • None of the above. I would be flattered and grateful but I'd only ask her out if I had feelings for her

    • in this situation you were going to ask her out before hand... i was just wondering if her feelings would dissuade you from doing so. :)

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    • its nice o know some people like hearing that, i always think everyone is so freaked out by real feelings even if they feel it too.

    • It's always nice to hear someone likes you and or loves you

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