Is it okay to be a 30 year old man and never have a gf? If the guy is sad times he has went on dates they failed or the girl wasn't interested?

He's normal in every regard but it just can't happen for him, he just doesn't have that spark with girl or relate and connect or hook girls interest.

  • That's not normal
  • It's okay you'll find somebody one day
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  • There is no such thing as hooking interests... What is the reason he struggles to connect?

    • He always seems to lose the interest of the girl, he takes her out to to fun and exciting activities and she seems to be having fun and there is chemistry but when it comes to texting or calling the girl again, no answer or the girl beating around the bush- obvious sign of not interested and that's if he makes if that far and the girl never responds after he gets her number etc is has happened every time, he is not a pushover, has great hygiene, good physical shape, but it just never happens the girl never seems to hold interest in him even after laughing and having a good time. Is it just bad luck?

    • Sounds like something being done on the date

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