READ: Should I continue to be patient or is he just not interested?

I have been "seeing" this guy for the past 2 months. when we first started talking I asked what he was looking for and he let me know that he is interested in dating and eventually a relationship. I am looking for the same things.

Around the time we started seeing each other, he became really busy with working, picking up extra shifts, because he is moving into a new place and it's very important to him to have enough money saved. I completely understood that. In fact, I really admire his dedication and the fact that he has goals.

We'd see each other once a week, he's come over and we'd hangout. talk, watch movies, but we'd usually end up hooking up. He would never leave right after, and sometimes he's spent the night and leave for work in the morning. So it feels like he's not just interested in sex. In fact, we didn't have sex for the first time until last week.

Something that has been bothering is that is has been over a week since I have heard from him. He usually takes a couple days to text back sometimes. Last week I had gone out with some friends and co-workers for a happy hour, and I was snapping all my co-workers which are mostly males, and I had a little too much to drink and I sent him a drunk text asking to see him. He didn't respond to my text message, but he watched all my Snap Stories.

I didn't know If I had upset him from the drunk text. My Snap chat story was harmless (just a lot of guys making funny faces), and I didn't do anything bad that night. I decided to give it some time, and I sent a text a couple of days ago just checking in on him and told him to let me know when he was free because I know he is busy working.

I still haven't heard from him, but he continues to watch all my Snap Chat stories. Do you think I upset him? Should I be more patient and waiting until he is free to spend time with me? Why would he watch my snaps but no text me back?


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  • I think it is very strange that he takes so long to reply to your texts. Everyone is busy once in a while, but if you truly care you will get back to them within a reasonable amount of time.

    As for the possibility of having upset him, I doubt it. If that was me in his situation, your drunk text would have come off as cute if anything and those snap stories only show you were having fun.

    I have been in a similar situation with a girl who told me she was busy and barely responded to me. In the end, she told me she wasn't looking for anything at that moment. I am not saying that he feels that way too, but it is a sign that something is amiss.

    At this point, honesty is the best way to go. Tell him directly that it seems to you that he is taking longer to respond and how you feel about it. There is no easy way to discuss this, but it is important for you to get some clarity in order to know what to expect.

    • Thank you for your feedback, I am trying to give him a couple more days to get back to more. I have also decided not to post any more stories on my snaps. So he'll wonder what I am up to instead of knowing.

      Maybe he's not looking for anything at the moment but he definitely didn't leave that impression the last time we spoke lol.

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  • One thing i cannot stand is when adults act childish. If you did upset him, he should be mature enough to tell you and not leave you confuse.
    You already reached out to him and he seems uninterested. Don't feel bad about it. You shouldn't be an option for him to pick and when to see you. Think about it? Do u really want someone like that?

    • Exactly, which is why I'm confused why he is looking at all of my snaps. He's one of the first people usually. Very confusing. Thanks

  • If a guy wants to see or contact you, he will. I make a rule of never texting anyone when drunk or on nights out. You've made your intentions clear you like this guy, but to be honest, if he's not making the effort to at least contact you once a day, he's not interested. He's being a coward. Move on, and find yourself a man. Not a boy.

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