Help me fix my slowly dying but still kind of alive, relationship?

I honestly don't know what to do.

I have been with this guy for a while - almost a year. Through the Summer it was so perfect we would basically live together half the week, message and ring the rest. Always happy, always having fun.

Around Feb he went back to uni - 3 hrs away.
At first he would come back every weekend, text during the week, FaceTime, call etc.
He told me he loved me & that when he finished uni at the end of the year we could properly be together.

Then he settled in.
The texts got less, the calls became non-existent. The effort dwindled and the days he came back were just sad. The texts were boring almost, like smalltalk.

He came back for holidays and it was up & down. One second like the old us, one second like the new. This was the last few weeks.

It is his first week back and he said he needs some space. I accept that and think I do too. I have only had 2 messages from him this week, one in a group message.

I love him and I want to be with him because I truly think that we are meant to be together.
We were friends first, we have amazing sex, i get along with his family, i support him and we have similar interests as him.

BUT although he loves me I feel like he doesn't want me as much anymore, it isn't as fun or exciting as it used to be, we aren't as crazy and happy as much as we used to be. I want him to want me to be a part of his life.
How do I fix this and kick it into refresh?
Also, how can I do this specifically when he is away for 2 weeks at a time?


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  • From what i read... Sounds to me like he's interest are some where else. Going to college , meeting new people , and not seeing you everyday can get boring to him.
    Just be direct with him and ask him.. What does he truly want?
    Once a guy says " i need space " ( code word for " I don't want to be with you right now")... there's pretty much no room for fixing things. It sucks. I know I've been in your shoes. But i could be wrong. Like I said, communicate with him. And be direct.

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