What does it mean if a guy gets mad at you for no reason?

This guy who I think has anger problems or something I met him from online dating app we were supposed to hangout today but what happened was my friend texted him saying "would you wanna hangout at eaton Centre" I texted back saying "sorry my friend said that lol but you could hangout with us :)" and then he replied back saying "fuck you. Deuces" and I told him I didn't mean it in a rude way and why he was mad but he didn't reply back instead he posted on snapchat saying "fuck you". Like I don't get why he's mad? Is it my fault or his? by the way I blocked him after on snapchat and deleted his number

Oh by the way me and him were not dating and he's not looking for a relationship or anything


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  • ... because your friend sent him a message instead of you , he may have been under the assumption that you were both making fun of him , and trying to make a fool of him.

    Bare in mind, he doesn't really know you that well. So he obviously thought you were both taking the piss.

    After all it's you who is supposed to be dating and messaging him... not you friend.

    • Ohh okay I see, that wasn't my intention at all but okay for next time ill know not to do that but when a guy says hangout does that mean it's a date? So I know for next time because this guy said hangout and he's not looking for anyone to date

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    • you're welcome!

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • he was mad probably because he thought you were trying to play him. it was supposed to be a 1 on 1 date yet you thought it was cool to bring your friend (s) along.

    • Oh I see, it's because I was already with my friend but I wasn't trying to play him or anything, I even told him that. And the thing is he said it's a hangout too

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