What should I do? Ask him out or listen to my mom and give up/ let him come to me?

I like a guy who doesn't like to text really and is always really busy with school and work. He has shown interest in me and even texted me back for hours. Not only that but he has come looking for me before. The problem is that he is an introvert and it makes me wonder if he actually likes me or not. That and he is always surround by girls. My mom thinks I've made enough moves and that I should stop trying to talk to him and make him come to me or give up. I'm scared to do that because I feel if I do nothing will happen. What should I do?


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  • Ask him out. He's an introvert. Your mom is not from this generation. Dating truly is nothing like it was during her time. People used to rely on their parents experience but since society has been changing too much the experience of the older generations will not transfer.

    Nothing will happen unless you just flat out ask him out. Some guys are just too shy even when a girl gives hints.


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  • He is an introvert and has came looking for you, then he has shown he is interested. Ask him out. He is worried you will turn him down. He would not go out of his comfort zone if he didn't like you.


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