Girls, am I too old for my crush?

I'm crushing hard on a girl who lives in my neighborhood. We see each other all the time and have talked/flirted on a few occasions. The thing is, she's 17 and I'm 23. She's a high school senior and I'm in college. But we have great chemistry and she seems very mature, like she's already taken 20 hours of credit that will apply to college, and she has a job with a real estate company. I want her badly, but am I too old? The age of consent in my state is 17, so the legal stuff isn't an issue.


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  • That age is very fragile and with every year passing you can feel a great difference in maturity and knowledge about life. So you have to be careful because people change a lot in that period. But if you really like her and want to have something meaningful with her, a commited relationship, then go for it, fight for her. But if you only want to have something physical with her, then leave her be. She's too young and not mentally ready for that kind of relationship. She would get hurt eventually. That's my opinion.

    • No, I really like her. I'm not into friends with benefits, whatever that is.

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    • She's already okay with it because she flirts with me and knows how old I am. Thanks, I will answer your question :-)

    • No problem, glad to help :)

  • No ur not too old.