Not ready for a relationship... or just doesn't want ME?

Have you ever told someone you weren't ready for a relationship? If so, were you being honest or was it an excuse cause you just didn't want a relationship with that particular person and didn't want to hurt their feelings?

if you were being honest, what were your reason (s)?


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  • yes and I was honest... I had just left one and wasn't ready emotionally for another. She pushed though and it didn't work. You can't push someone anymore than pushing them off a cliff is a good idea:)

    • This is so true and I think I was one to try to push despite knowing it might not turn out well. I should've known better!

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    • I somewhat badgered him too much about it and now I'm scared I lost what was a great friendship. Last time we saw each other it was on good terms but now haven't talked or anything for almost 3 weeks. Should I just continue to stay away and hope someday we'll be in contact again? It would be ok if we weren't in contact for a little while longer as I need to heal from this... I just wonder what he might be thinking. He's truly a great man.

    • If you can back off the pressure, not seem needy, but communictae that might help.

      I think if you left on good terms, you can ask questions of him, like how are you feeling? Invite him out to something fun, in a non pressure way, ask how he's doing and feeling? If you could steer things towards counseling or individual that may help dislodge him... should be doing that if he is hung up. From the perspective of... do things to improve yourself. If it brings me to you great, if not, fine. in other words, you cannot be needy now... but you can direct and lead...:) get it?

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  • I've never said that to anyone, but it has been said to me. Because like 2 weeks after she said she wasn't ready for a relationship she was in one with some other guy

    • Ugh, that's horrible.

    • Yeah its all good, I'm sure it was for the best anyway. It was like a year and a half ago.

  • I've told a lot of people a looooot of lies to get rid of them.


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