My girlfriend who is 16 years younger than me owned me wrestling. I got tired quick smh. Should I stick to dating women my own age?


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  • Was there a bet? Like if you won you could do XXX? If she won, she could do YY?
    I am a Viking, by ancestry, and I ADORE solid, 'Viking' kind of women, and sometimes we wrestle, as part of fore-play, but we always have a 'prize' for the winner! Sometimes I let her win, liking what she wants a her 'prize'. Other times, I like the struggle. She was about 6 years younger, and I was just starting to have issues with inherited arthritis, so sometimes, in some positions, she was stronger!
    So what? Play along!! Have fun!!
    Make a 'bet' each time you wrestle, and make it something she wouldn't mind, 'losing' to enjoy!!