How can I show a girl I'm dating more affection towards her without coming off as too strong?

I've meet this girl on tinder a few months back and have been texting ever since. We've so far been on two dates with each other. The first date we went mini putting and bowling, I really like this girl, but don't want to cling on her and potentially scare her away, so I'm playing a bit hard to get. We both work and she leaves town on the weekends to see her family. My real question is how can I ease into showing more affection to her without coming on too strong? Should I kiss her? Maybe kiss her cheek when saying bye to her or perhaps go for it and kiss her when she's lest expected it? I think I should definitely hold her hand next time to show her that I like her more than a friend, then again we're still in the getting to know phase. I'm 27 she's 25 almost 26. What do you suggest I should do on date number three? Serious inquiries only thanks.


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  • you should definitely kiss her, sooner than later. you are navigating a fine line here. if you don't take more iniciative and be a bit mor assertive in the flirting game, 2 things can happen:
    -you get friendzoned
    -she looses interest and moves on

    If you don't want to come on too strong, you can of course grab her hand, or hug her waist or something like that. Give clear signs you like her and give her the chance to reciprocate.

    • We've had many times where we flirted with each other, either by touch or through communication. I suppose this is a start. What type of activity should do you think we should do for the third date that might promote more closeness? That might promote kissing?

    • some place more quiet. maybe a picnic at a park or a lake. think of something that is a bit more "intimate".
      If you two are the outdoor type, maybe go hiking or something.

  • You still date at 99 years old? 😉😂😂


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  • Isn't tinder for hooking up?