What's your thought on good looking/fit people when it comes to dating?

I feel like they are very well aware that they are attractive and think that they don't have to do anything or put any effort, just to show up. When a good looking guy approaches me, I am usually skeptical and put more doubt then I would for an average looking guy. Honestly, if I like two guys in the same time, I would go for the average looking one, because there's just less worry and doubt about him, then about the good looking one.


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  • Life experience showed me that body builders are more arrogant, egoistic (male/female). There are nice good looking/fit people too.
    Comes to mind nice, contrast scene from film, where man was magically enchanted to see inner face of people/soul/spirit instead of outward appearance. Fat ugly girl was beautiful inside. Beautiful, thin girl was old granny inside. Pretty interesting concept.

    When people has flaws and aware of them, they try to consider that in conversations, decisions. They know about flaws, which hurt them, they try to stop themselves from doing the same, they are more compassionate.
    Those who overcame their flaws or were blessed from birth (genetic predisposition) usually think/start to think of themselves more high and awaits all others to do the same or just plainly consider them loosers.
    Some just because of pure ignorance. They never experienced that, they were like this from beginning. It's usual, natural thing for them, why others not like them?

    But everywhere are exceptions.
    Some of them could have nasty personality to begin with. Some became affected from environment, which surrounds them.
    Some fit/good looking people in countryside are simple, open-mided, very helpful. They seek for a companionship, to talk to someone, to share. Thought of using their appearance to gain some advantage doesn't even cross their mind. In cities, yes, it's more often that people try to gain advantage at expense of other due "dog eat dog" mindset. Probably due to sheer numbers. In countryside it spacious, beautiful scenery/nature, calming/healing environment. In city... >_>

    I find it's nice to aim for a beautiful or/and healthy body. Just need to be careful not to lose human heart in the process or at the end, and remember previous, not so good experience as a tool for compassion toward others instead of a tool for revenge and enhancing ego.

    But still we have mind, eyes, freedom to choose with whom to associate.


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  • you're taking being insecure on a whole new level.

  • I try not to judge people by their appearance. I know girls who are gorgeous but very kind and down to earth, and average looking girls who are mean and stuck up

  • so you're saying when they put too much work into themselves.. they're just lookin' for something superficial?

    • No, just my own experience with dating hot guys. It's awesome when someone is putting work into themselves, but they are kinda full of themselves. They just show up, expecting ANY girl would fall for them because daah they are so hawt. No need to have a good conversation, to charm her mentally or show some other skills they have (if they have). And then when I reject them they are surprised and shocked!

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    • Having a beautiful soul? :)

    • "are aware that your looks are not gonna play any part in her deciding if she wants to date you or not?"

      no but they're a factor if she'll entertainment a one night stand.

  • well time to stop lifting and get fat so i can get a date

    • Well you are a good looking guy, but can you honestly tell me that when you go on a date, you are aware that your looks are not gonna play any part in her deciding if she wants to date you or not?

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    • That's weird... You either have a crappy personality or you don't approach them.

    • why should i approach them?

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