Why do so many women play games with men then wonder why they don't stick around?

Many women just make dating more difficult than it has to be:
Why do so many women play games with men then wonder why they don't stick around?

Some of the stupid games women play:

1. Flaking on guys on dates

2. The making guys wait for a text response from you so you don't feel desperate

3. Handing guys their number but never answering their calls (if you aren't interested just confess the fuck up)

4. Stringing guys along and using them for attention.

5. Creating arbitrary rule on when you'll sleep with a guy

6. When guys are trying to find out what you like many women just give a vague/broad answer and say they like a lot of stuff.

7. Replying to a guy normally and then cutting contact out of the blue.

8. Making guys think you enjoyed the date with them and you'll call them only to never go out with them again.

9. Sleeping with other men moments before going out on dates with guys who you are going to make wait for sex.

10. Putting on false faces of virgin/innocent girl for one guy but total slut for another guy.

11. Dropping guys for petty reason

12. Doing a hot and cold BS and making guys wonder if you like them.

And after doing all this shit and the guy leaves, women have the nerve to call men assholes.


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  • You can counter every single point on there by not becoming too invested too early.


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  • It sounds like you're confusing people being polite with actual interest. If you don't like what someone is doing just be like "I don't see us moving in the same direction bye" and be done.

    • Explain to me how any of this shit is being "polite".

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    • so how come when a man makes fine point about "women's actions they always say "well men do this too" yet never admit to doing anyone these things. it really grinds my gears that certain women but not all do these and claim "not a lot of women do this" FOH
      Great list! you should see my how to create a fuckboi list. its much worse.
      i'd like to copy this and use it for research purposes.

    • @clever_seeker Dude this post is months old. Go be a creep somewhere else

  • This isn't just a female thing. Plenty of guys are dickwads.

  • Dudes do this too, just saying...


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