Is being laidback a disadvantage?

See I don't really talk to random strangers, unless I see something cool or interesting like if they have shoes or a shirt I like I'll say 'damn that shirt is pretty cool'

Other than that I'm just cooling off, like in class I just sit there and write notes and maybe joke with a classmate lol

So basically my question is outgoing guy vs laidback guy?


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  • no, it's a good trait as long as u aren't laid back when it comes to pursuing girls

    • I approached this girl like a week ago but yea she ignored me after that, I kinda am laidback about that too though

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    • Well if it depends on the girl, I basically have to warm up to one until I find one that likes the fact that I'm warming up to them. Fuck... I have to mind read..

    • If u like her and ur physically decent looking, most girls won't completely write u off

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  • Do you mean being "introverted"? No, it's not a disadvantage. Why would it be?

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