Did my crush just tell me I had a chance and could have taken it?

O_O She told these exact words " You know I liked you and actually really wanted to date, but I respected because it seems you were trying to take it slow. Too late we can't and school is almost over. I would have given you a chance. " Did I went beyond the friendzone also?

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  • Should have taken the chance
  • Ask if it's too late to date
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  • Ask if its too late to date man..
    You dont have anything to lose..
    Tell her that you want her


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  • Well, It's kinda hard for u to take the chance, if she never told you she liked u in the beginning. She finally told u when it was too late for her. I don't know why u two can't be togther? I mean are u guys going off to different colleges?

    • I think u still can tell her how u feel. :) i wasent saying u shouldn't tell her. :)

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