So what should I do for a second date?

so i went on my first date yesterday with the cutey i talked about in my previous questions an now im stumped we have been texting back an forth an i can tell he is in to me and wants to go on a second date but this time he wants to go somewhere with less walking what should i set up for us?

  • Go to the movies then LongHorn steakhouse
  • Order some pizza Netflix and chill [No sex]
  • Other
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  • first date you took him to the fair second date take him to watch the new captain america movie then to longhorn because who doesn't like a good movie then a good meal to eat and to talk about the movie while eating


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  • Go somewhere that has an activity so you guys can interact more and enjoy yourselves. Going to a movie forces you not to talk and if you got 3 hours for your date 2 hours is spent in silence.

    • well i was planning movie because he is a big marvel fan

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    • so i have a question the guy im with isn't a bottom in bed he is a top an i finally had some earlier an he kinda left me in a position to where im looking for soft things to sit on any advice for these moments? im fine being bottom but i would like a tip on how to deal with the pain since im still new to it?

    • I can't say that I have an answer for this. But message me some time.

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