Friends with a girl from my class, she was a nice girl, I asked her if she wanted to go to the movies and get a bite to eat and she ignored me, why?

Like I said she was friendly and intelligent and my friend so she was no stranger, we talked in class all the time but never hung out outside of class, the semester is over by the way, I asked her to hang out/ get something to eat and maybe get ice cream :D, but she didn't respond, I then sent another text 6 days later apologizing incase I caught her off guard and also in case she wasn't interested in me like that and was weirded out. but still nothing, why? I understand she doesn't want to hang out and is not interested but I can't believe that she would just ignore me she's not some random chick, she was my friend and was such a cool girl in class, and seemed so interested over text and was flirty at times too, I just don't get it, what did I do wrong? I would've at least liked to stay friends but its like I don't exist and I know she's not busy cause my other female friend tells me that she's answered the texts that she's sent her, I didn't say anything perverted or messed up but why be like that after I apologized and everything and reached out? :(, I got the message but she would stop being friends with me over this.


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  • Maybe she is not interested in you. That's why she avoids talking to you.

    • I know that she's not interested but we were friends before this and i texted her and apologized about this, I get the message that she doesn't like me like that, the point is that she's not some random girl, we were great friends. It seems she doesn't even wanna remain friends or stay acauaintances, why and we have known each other for a long period of time, it just seems messed up after I apologized about asking her out to do something not even in a romantic manner and told her I understood that she would not respond and stay friends, before this she was a great friend, and when she needed help or needed me I was there, when she asked for something over text or needed something that wasn't an easy task I still responded and helped, now we can't even remain civil after this and she's gonna play the ignore game? just because of this? After like I said for the 3rd time I said sorry and said I wouldn't bring it up again? That seems like some friend.

    • And on top of that we are both enrolled in a same summer course, is she really gonna be that petty and when we see other ignore me and avoid and throw our friendship away like that, I'm just trying to understand the logic behind this when I said sorry and that I wouldn't bother her about hanging out again and after all I've done for her and been there for her problems, she's gonna stop being my friend over asking her to go get a bite to eat lol.

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