Have you dated someone with depression?

How did you help support that person? Was it difficult at first?
Recently, a big job opportunity came my way and I took it. The salon opens in another week and don't want to screw up. In the past, I decided that once I felt the courage to start working again, I MUST begin my anti-depression/anxiety medication or else I'll end up self sabotaging.
Wednesday was the day it hit me; "now or never". The stuff made me severely ill in the past and holy shit, I am going through it now - today was better than yesterday, though. The side effects are really bad and I can't stop shitting and throwing up.
My guy is not being supportive at all and has taken it personally because I really need to take care of myself this week. I allowed him to come over yesterday because I cancelled going out Wednesday and Thursday, plus, it seemed like he wanted to help me but instead, he kept asking why I would take this stuff because I seem "fine" to him, but he was looking at me with disdain or maybe it was concern. Either way, it felt like shit. He also said,"well, I've been depressed before","but you've never been diagnosed or been on medication" "because I refused to" - OH, FUCK OFF. It was very tense at that point. I asked if he was judging me as being "weak" or "giving in" and he said "no, but you're judging me" - Fuck off, again. So, later that night he calls while I'm falling asleep saying he just wants to "see me". I'm about to have another diarrhea, I'm going through cold sweats - I couldn't. He says "You know what, I'm just going to go home" "what's wrong?" "I don't know. I just don't know."I texted right after and said "I don't want you to be mad at me. Please come over " "I'm not coming over" - I have not heard from him all since.
So, now what? I don't want to reach out. I didn't tell him about this so he could question my judgement- I told him because if he likes me and wants to be with me, it'd be nice for him to offer some support!


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  • Fuck him! He's clearly uneducated about depression and shows no desire to learn. I have major depression too and no longer work because of it. I take 3 different psych meds and I've tried them all but none have done anything like that to me. You need to tell your Dr about these severe side effects

    • And I have still not heard from him.

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    • Exactly, friend. This is just one of many instances where one has shown their true colors regardless of history or friendship over a course of many years. I feel spared - I have my schedule at work as of tomorrow and am no longer sick. I feel so blessed and strong. One day at a time, they say :)

    • I wish you the best

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  • It is usually a nightmare and it requires a lot of effort.

    • Usually they don't give up on your right when start the meds but this one couldn't even go three days not because I was such a handful, but because I wasn't physically able to go out or entertain him. It's beyond selfish and he has not talked to me since. We have history from years ago and this is how he treats me. Good riddance.

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  • Why on earth is he being a cry baby and so immature? Is he a 12 year old kid who has been in his first relationship. Hmm
    He sounds a bit too controlling and you need to tell him that he needs to be a bit more mature.


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  • i have a dude who wants to date me even though i have depression, i'm trying not to get involved in a relationship because I want to feel happy within myself and not feel like i'm a giant pain in the ass for someone else to deal with. i think you should leave him [he sounds like a short tempered asshole] and think about getting into a relationship when you feel a bit better in yourself :)

    • We weren't in a relationship because I was thinking exactly like you. I feel smart right now because he's a fucking ass hole.

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