Are they sexually active?

I'm 16,

there's this girl i liked that was 15,
and her boyfriend is 17

Im positive.. no doubt she liked me before she got with him, she may have liked him too
but im positive she liked me

I waited too long to do anything and i snoozed.

on her instagram she posted a picture status saying something like
"i love when you give me neck kisses, grab my booty" something like that

He responded a couple emojis and one of the emojis were like this

And to be honest... im kinda heart broken
im gonna say infactuated
but i felt like i was in love with her honestly and everytime she posts stuff like this it makes me feel sick.. like absolute shit.

anyway i just wanna know...

do you think they're sexually active?
On the guys Instagram he has pictures of weed, some drink called lean
and girls with big butts

She has posts about how he's her man and he's not going anywhere, how much she loves him,
about getting married one day or something

and i just wanna know are they sexually active or not?
does it sound like they are?

they always post heart, kiss emojis, a lock emoji
and this 💦💦

so are they?

  • Yes, it sounds like they're sexually active
  • Probably.
  • No, it doesn't sound like they're sexually active
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What Girls Said 1

  • You need to keep your nose out of other people's relationships and let this go.

    • that would've been me if i had said something..

What Guys Said 1

  • Definitely.
    They both sound like the typical HS kids, so I'm 100% sure they're having sex.

    Just stop getting on her IG, forget about her.

    • thats the point, i can't...
      i go on her page everyday hoping to see if theyre having problems or something i know thats rude but i can't help it