Should I text a guy I used to talk to that I left on bad terms with?

This guy I talked to for 2 months/ met once and I left on bad terms. I took a risk and went to see a guy next state over. We had a nice time and didn't do anything sexual. Only bad part is that he has bad past from his teen days. ( Went to jail, drugs, broke into homes, etc) Currently, he sells weed as his job and lives in a home with his "garden". He is in school and trying to change his life around. He smokes weed and drinks a lot. He told me he liked me after meeting me and then left me for 2-3 days without contact saying he's busy. I confronted him and the big argument started. He attacked me for assuming. I still argued and said it didn't feel that way. He ignored me for 2 weeks and then messaged me again. I apologized and asked him straight up what he wanted (friend or more). He took HOURS to reply back. I texted him he doesn't have to answer I already know and to just delete my number/ just dont reach back out to me anymore. My feelings were really hurt. He attacked me again saying my thinking wasn't healthy. We argued a lot after that. I told him instead or text arguing lets talk over the phone. Next day, he said he couldn't talk on the phone because he was "sick" and couldn't go somewhere. I had no idea what he was talking about and I think he sent it to the wrong girl. I got extremely pissed. I said some nasty stuff to him. We argued even more and he told me to not reach out to him anymore and goodbye. It's been 2 months but I still think about him a lot. Am I crazy because this guy isn't ideal. I really liked this guy despite his lifestyle and didn't look at the bad decisions he did. People tell me I was lucky and that he seemed psychotic. But he didn't seem that way to me. I just don't like having bad feelings between others and I. Why am I so fixated on a guy that's technically a "drug dealer". I do hold some type of standards but there is something about him.
You need to leave him alone permanently. He sounds dangerous
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You could try reaching out
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Should I text a guy I used to talk to that I left on bad terms with?
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