Should I text a guy I used to talk to that I left on bad terms with?

This guy I talked to for 2 months/ met once and I left on bad terms. I took a risk and went to see a guy next state over. We had a nice time and didn't do anything sexual. Only bad part is that he has bad past from his teen days. ( Went to jail, drugs, broke into homes, etc) Currently, he sells weed as his job and lives in a home with his "garden". He is in school and trying to change his life around. He smokes weed and drinks a lot. He told me he liked me after meeting me and then left me for 2-3 days without contact saying he's busy. I confronted him and the big argument started. He attacked me for assuming. I still argued and said it didn't feel that way. He ignored me for 2 weeks and then messaged me again. I apologized and asked him straight up what he wanted (friend or more). He took HOURS to reply back. I texted him he doesn't have to answer I already know and to just delete my number/ just dont reach back out to me anymore. My feelings were really hurt. He attacked me again saying my thinking wasn't healthy. We argued a lot after that. I told him instead or text arguing lets talk over the phone. Next day, he said he couldn't talk on the phone because he was "sick" and couldn't go somewhere. I had no idea what he was talking about and I think he sent it to the wrong girl. I got extremely pissed. I said some nasty stuff to him. We argued even more and he told me to not reach out to him anymore and goodbye. It's been 2 months but I still think about him a lot. Am I crazy because this guy isn't ideal. I really liked this guy despite his lifestyle and didn't look at the bad decisions he did. People tell me I was lucky and that he seemed psychotic. But he didn't seem that way to me. I just don't like having bad feelings between others and I. Why am I so fixated on a guy that's technically a "drug dealer". I do hold some type of standards but there is something about him.

  • You need to leave him alone permanently. He sounds dangerous
  • You could try reaching out
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  • I see what happened.
    He felt cornered by you asking if you wanted to be friends or more, and he probably got the "desparate vibe" (not trying to call you that but I'm just saying that A. Sometimes attraction and relationships in general needs to be built up and B. Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups, remember that. ) I'm not trying to say it's your fault. I'm just saying this, so that should he reply to what text I'm about to put, you don't have this all happen again.

    Now, it's up to you whether or

    • Not he is worth replying, so before you try reaching out, ask yourself if you can see him in your future. Is this the man that you would like to spend the rest of your life with?

      If you think you should give this another shot, just simply say, " Hey ****. I'm sorry about all of that. Can we start over? "

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    • Yeah, that was after I busted him for being online the dating website during his 2 week disappearing act. Or the text he sent after we argued stating he's sick with a frowny face and he can't make it to the firework show. ( we never talked about a firework show... and we were arguing..) Friends said I was a side chick. He was just weird because he made effort to me who is in a different city but then he did the stuff above. Something was off about him too. But yeah I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. We wouldn't have a good future because yeah... he runs the streets too. Maybe i'm just stupid and he does this to all the girls. Is a gentleman to them and then disappears on them and attacks them when they call him out.

    • So there you go.
      He isn't really worth the re-contacting.

      I know that you will find someone better, cause they are out there!

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