Do people even care about your bio on dating sites?

Because I feel like your photos and appearance is all that matters when it comes to dating online.

  • All I care about is the photos
  • I care little bit about the bio but I'd be lying if it wasn't the persons appearance that makes me swipe right/left or whatever format the dating site operates under.
  • I care about them both equally
  • The bio is the most important to me
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Okay, either most of the girls on g@g don't use tinder or you are complete hypocrites because majority of girls on that site don't even have bios and when they do they have something like "proficient in mom jokes" or some stupid bs like that... So don't be saying to me that you care about what a guy says about himself when you don't even write one.


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  • I care about both. I can semi see how they are when they write about themselves. However, guys only look at the photo. Girls look at the bio and the photo.

    • I don't know about that, I feel like everyone is in the A & B category.

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    • Approving appearance is always a must in the online dating life yes. However, getting out more and seeing people regularly.. people fall for your flaws and all. That's what I learned. I been on about 7 online dates in one month and they all end up the same. It's only about the appearance. While yes that is important.. you will only truly be happy when someone accepts you for your personality. Takes time... Just have to network and get out there and just live life. Someone will come your way.

    • Renounce the world! ^_^
      Better than being frustrated all the time due to worldy desires. :P
      Monkhood is glamorous! ;)

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  • I assume so!

  • Photo is more important than bio. But I do look at the bio as well.

    • Yeah I know, I just find it hilarious how most girls are voting that they don't when they damn right know that's a lie.

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