Why did mom ask me this?

My mom asked me if i was gay

ok ill start from the beginning.

My mom has 4 kids
me, my older sister, my oldest sister, and my little brother
16 16 19 13
(i'm the only biological but that doesn't matter, she's had all of us since birth)

She's asked all of us about our sexuality at about 13, she said if we're not sure, or not comfortable telling her we don't have to.

Both of my sisters and brother said they were all straight.
she asked me and i told her i wasn't comfortable talking about it.

When i turned about 14 she asked me if i was into men or women
i told her i still wasn't comfortable talking about it.

then around 15 she asked me and i told her neither.

My younger brother has a girlfriend
my oldest sister (19) has a boyfriend (has had about 3)
my older sister (16) hasn't had a boyfriend but has had her first kiss

I haven't had anything.
well this is what my mom thinks...

(ive been grinded on)
(me and this person used to show eachother our private areas... in school)
(ive given oral.. around 12/13)
(ive had my first hug and kiss around 12/13)

Today in the car on our way to taco bell she asked me again
i told her i still didn't find either sex appealing.

She stopped the car (i think she got fustrated)
and she asked me to just tell her the truth she said if i was gay she would accept me but she just needed to know
i told her
"honestly, neither sex attracts me" and she said
ok, i won't asks you anymore and said she will assume im a sexual.

Why does she keep asking me?

The honest truth is
im shy, and i don't like talking about what i like with ANYONE.

why does she keep asking me?
year after year?
if she truly doesn't care

And if you're still reading this you're probably curious on what i like...

well its female.
100 percent.

im just so shy and don't like talking about it... period.
but why does she want to now so bad i feel its personal?


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  • She a mom they do werid shit!


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  • Dude your mom is bat shit crazy!

    • what do you mean

    • I mean she's really aggressively pushing you for an answer. Which is not something a parent should be doing.

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  • I get that. I don't like talking about relationship stuff with anyone. A lot of parents are paranoid their kids aren't "normal" (aka straight) so they keep trying to find ways to validate that it's a lie. By the way I'm not saying gays aren't normal... I'm just saying that some parents think it's not normal

    • it surprised me she thought i was gay

  • Because she's your mother and probably worried your so closed off. And just wants to know so that she can see your capable of a relationship

  • Wow you're mom is so invasive worrying about her son since he (for some random reason) can't just say he likes chicks 😒.

    • because im that shy

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    • you sound just like her

    • Oh like what, a reasonable human being that is capable of expressing something that simple? Get help dude. I'm not dicking around.

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