Making a move on gamers?

Hey guys! So im a sixteen year old girl gamer, and this may seem weird, but i haven't had a boyfriend in sixteen years. XD so i'm very single and every time i try to make a move and meet guys playing league of legends, nothing happens, and i walk back dejectedly to the lonely state I was in. Sigh pie. I was wondering if gamer guys in here could let me know what i should do to attract gamer dudes in game? Or how i should find a gamer guy that is interested in me? I promise i dont have warts or anything...

Thanks y'all (:


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  • Gamer guys are difficult to catch by conventional methods! I've never tried these kinds of methods, but I hear that basically getting a gamer guy and collecting cats in neko atsume are metaphorically the same.
    Indifference: Don't try to chat them up. Just go and sit next to them as though they're not there and play games on the computer next to them.
    Creatures of habit: gamer guys are creatures of habit. Just get them used to your presence and you'll be in their minds in no time!
    Subtle: they're not the type to make a passionate confession of love or anything like that, but you'll know that they like you if they treat you differently from other girls. It's 50% obvious if they treat you differently but you need to be 50% observant to notice it.
    GOOD LUCK 😁💪


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  • Well as a constant gamer for 25 years and a husband for 5 I can tell you that your mere presence should be enough to attract any gamer in person. Otherwise most geeks are either too into the game or probably think you are some creepy dude so they may not go for it in game. They have to trust that you are actually a female which is something most guys are not used to in games like that. They would rather not risk having an in game hook up with some weirdo male perv. posing as a female in the game, so I am sure it is nothing personal just , there is a lot of weirdos out there! lol There honestly is no certain way to prove that you are a real female without voice chat or something like that.

  • I wish i had a gamer girlfriend when i was your age... even now...*Insert crying Michael Jordan Image*

    On a real note. If you know gamer guys in person, then trust me... they already have taken note of you. Just be yourself... i don't what else to really say, lol. I'm not all that good dealing with girls, but from a guys perspective, just take time striking up a convo, you'll notice when they get comfy around you. When that happens You can get a Gamer boyfriend... just make sure they aren't weird though.

  • You're a girl. Who loves games. It's fricken easy for you to get a boyfriend.


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  • You problem is trying to meet dudes on League of Legends. The community there is horrible and they don't care to talk to people that talk on there. You are wasting your time trying for dudes on that game.

    Are you even some what good at playing games, Like playing games, or just doing it but know nothing about them and only doing it to meet guys?

    • I am actually good at video games, I've been gaming since i was five.

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    • Whoa expert here! lol I give u up vote! LOL!

  • you are 16 and gamer guys like gamer girls like me ADULT and NOT ILLEGAL

    • also i love league of legends but that game has too many toxic people not boyfriend material do better girl do what i did find someone on WoW

    • Im sorry, i find your attitude alarmingly ugly. There's no need to be so garishly rude. Teenagers can date, its not illegal. Get some knowledge before you spew things that dont make sense

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