I still can't get over a guy I dated for 2 months?

This sux so much. When my ex of 3 years and I broke up it took me like a year to get over him. I couldn't even imagine being with someone else, didn't liked anyone in a year! Then I meet this guy 3 months ago and I fell in love with him. He was so cute, handsome, good, he treated me nice. I knew what I was getting myself into because he's the type of guy who moves a lot, and I knew there was a possibility of him moving away again. In 3 years he lived in 5 countries! He doesn't have "a home", his job and passion for traveling makes it easy and convenient for him to move around. The longest he stayed at one country/city was like 4 months. Then he came here, met me and we dated for the whole time he was here, for 2 months. And 2 weeks ago he moved away AGAIN. Most of the times he leaves because either job makes him or he gets bored, but this time he moved because he got a free flat there and he saw it as a good opportunity to save some money to visit his home country in the end of the year. He said he will probably come back because he likes it here. It's a wishful thinking, I know, but I can't help but hope for it. Never the less, I'm really trying to get him out my mind, but it's sooo hard! I'm so tired of "letting go", I was hoping for something steady after the painful breakup with my ex, and then I got into this mess again. I am back to dating, I met like 2 guys so far, but they don't really compare to this guy. I can't seem to meet someone who will "beat him", ya know? I think I'm going insane, like it shouldn't be this way, we only knew each other for 2 months for God's sake! Argh...


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  • Yea it's bad when you can not meet the right person yet when you do they have to move away keep looking though I am sure you will find the right person for you


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  • been there almost exactly except im the one does the travelling. met a guy and dated him for 3 months fell for him, left him and took me 2 years to finally get over it. even the rebound i tried just made me miss him...

    only time and distance can heal you! stop talking to him if you are in contact. he would have asked to come with or stayed or said hed visit you if he liked you the same way... move on and stat strong!

    OR tell him how you feel first and see if thay changes anything!

    • There was no way for me to come with him, I have a job here and can't leave yet and just like that. But yeah, I agree he could've find another way to save money...

      I am definitely more into him then he is into me. It's just my nature, I either fall hard or I don't fall at all. He moved me and inspired me in a such ways that I can't even describe. He doesn't know this, I try to stay as cool as possible because I'm sure he would I'm nuts, lol.

      He said he will come here in 3 days to visit me and asked if I'm up for it. But I honestly don't know. :( I would LOVE to see him, but how smart is that? If I see him, we will get touchy and emotional, and one thing will lead to another... and when he leaves again I'll feel like crap.

    • maybe when he comes you should tell him you can sense you're falling for him and that its too hard to keep saying goodbye?

      yea i definitely kept seeing my guy and leaving my guy and it just kept reopening the wound... i thought itd be better to enjoy the time we could have together but it made it hurt all the same each time.

      either tell him all or nothing
      or just close him off and try to move on (but it will be hard without closure)

    • I can't tell him I'm falling for him... Because I kinda already told him that after a third date. We had a talk and he warned me that he might leave. He said he doesn't want to hurt me and that is basically up to me if I want to continue dating, stay friends or just end it. That he will understand whatever I decide... And I decided to "enjoy the moment". I practically dig my own grave, I messed it up.

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