WIll he make it for my bday?

I like a guy. And we spent Easter together that was our 2nd date.. i know him 4 months ago. But stayed away 2 months due to misunderstand.. my friends see his mature enough
yesterday he asked me out today but saying he will try to arrange if yes will tell me depends on his agenda.
My bday is tomorrow, and he knows that. I told him weeks ago. He even told me then he will arrange smthing. And facebook mentions it.
i just like him too much. And he asked to kiss in Easter. So im not sure if we meet.
idun like to be pushy.. but i wish to spend that day with him.. Advises pls
if he didn't contact till tomorrow wt shoud i do?
Thank you :)


What Guys Said 1

  • Just be patient and wait for him to contact you. If he's a man of his word he'll contact you. If he doesn't contact you, since it is your birthday, is he worth it at that point?


What Girls Said 1

  • How are we supposed to know if he will make it or not?