Asked her out, but now radio silence. What do I do?

I asked a girl out a couple of days ago and she accepted. We exchanged numbers and texted a couple of times. She's a nurse and works nights. She's also getting ready to do a traveling nurse deal, which means that she'll be living out of state for a couple of months (I'm okay with that).

I texted her my work schedule late yesterday evening. I figured that she'd be awake. She hasn't responded though. In fact, she hasn't responded since Thursday. Did she get cold feet or lose interest? :-(


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  • Well, that was late yesterday evening. Maybe you should give it a few more days. If she won't respond, it's safe to assume that she is no longer interested in you.


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  • Girls can be so cowardly when it comes to saying no to guys, she is hoping u will take her silence as no and move on, so she doesn't have to *cough* voice her feelings like an adult.

    I've been in your situation. I am very much like my father and absolutely HATE any ambiguity; I like definitive answers and solutions, any "open-ended" situation with room for irerpretation that occurs I want to completely tie up loose ends. Aka a social straight shooter with #NoBullshit.

    I know it is tempting to message her and ask what her deal is, the ambiguity of her going ghost is driving u nuts.

    Contrary to the above hash tag, many women are very much non-straight shooters and full of bullshit when it comes to dating and men. You almost never get a straight answer, lots of indirect game playing. These women will use reasoning like they are afraid of a guy assaulting them, verbally attacking them, him beginning to stalk her, even "fear" about her literally killing her.

    But most of these women above use those as excuses. The REAL reason is because they are emotionally afraid. Scared of the emotional ramifications that comes with telling someone that likes her, but doesn't like back, "no I don't want you romantically but I am open to other people instead of you".

    In my case my theory is they genuinely like me as a person to have in her life and as a friend (I really am an awesome, kick-ass and loyal person and it shows in my vibes)... and fears rejecting me, instead of just no contact, will give her the IDEAL of what she wants: 1) me in her life as a good person and life asset, and 2) having the "man in her life" slot open for someone else.

    I refuse to be used like that while I get an unfulfilling raw deal, so I cut contact and let her cease to have her life without my awesome self in it. She made her choice, and I made mine. Her fault for rejecting me.


    This girl may be doing the same to you. Do NOT allow yourself to be used. She rejected u in a cowardly way. Does she REALLY deserve your respect or for u to be an asset in her life at all? She is so fucking disrespectful that she is leaving u in an emotional limbo because she doesn't have the social decency to explicitly tell u where she stands with you! #ThinkAboutIt

    • Well we already know each other. Why would she accept when she could have just said no?

    • I covered that in my answer. 😛

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  • Move on and Meet other girls, maybe she'll get back to you maybe not either way if she is messed up why waste your time?

  • I'd just assume that she was never interested.

    No worries, man. Just time to move on to the next.

  • Probably.

    All you can do now is let her contact you.