Guys, Why is he still dating me?

Dear men, My boyfriend and I have been together for just about a year. We took a week long break just last week -- he decided he needed one, he wasn't happy and wasn't sure why. He also just didn't want to break up with me -- fast forward to this week when we met up the other day, and things were groovy. He talked about what was wrong, and so did I! It was so magical! The next day we met up at an event. I got off work exactly one hour before the event was over. I messaged him saying to meet me at a certain spot, and that I'd be there in 15 mins. When I got there he was no where to be found/it was crowded/and he wasn't responding to any of my messages. So I sat there and waited and waited. At this point I was starting to feel a little anxious and hurt. 20 some-minutes later he finally appears. I didn't freak out on him or anything but I was upset... I felt like he forgot about me. At this point the event was nearly done -- so we just left He was furious that I showed up feeling anxious -- back ground story on myself, I do have a GAD, which I do work very very hard to control. But sometimes, something may trigger it... but again I've been working hard to control all of that -- he finally realised why he wasn't happy with me, because of the anxiety I have and he can't deal with someone like me. He also says that he may as well just stop inviting me to places because there's a chance I might get anxious over something. So I just said "so are we breaking up for good then?" Then he's all, "well I obviously want to keep trying" If I make him that uncomfortable why on earth would he still want to continue this. I feel like I'm walking on egg shells. "One more fight like this one and it's over" he says. This is all because I can't 100% control my anxiety. I told him my solution "If I start to feel anxious over something then I like to just leave the room for a minute or so just to collect myself."... but of course he thinks that's stupid and very selfish of me "what abou

The last line should say, "What about how I am feeling?"


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  • I'm not gonna show much pitty here since both parties are to blind or stubborn to figure correct path. If he and you been together for a year and he still can't deal with your emotional issues then why the fuck is he even trying to duck tape the relationship together? If you see that he is clearly a dildo who want probably just sex and fails to realize humans are different and just so happens not everyone is mentally A-OKAY, then why the hell are you staying with him?

    My ex was bipolar. But I stayed, I ended the relationship as it was one way with the empathisis on "me" and "me" alone with her doing little to maintain the relationship, never did I deny her the right to be happy just because she is bipolar and I had to deal with her crying and stuff. I myself exist with clinical depression since age 14 (23 currently) so other people emotional instability take a toll on me, but then again I don't mind paying that toll as long as the relationship is working.

    In your case your boyfriend clearly is unwilling to pay a toll and come to terms with reality that not a single person is 100% perfect, there is no such thing as perfection. Both of you are blind to realize this relationship will die and clearly ain't working.

  • If you have a medical condition and he is not understanding and is only concerned about his feelings, then he's not for you... or most girls. He is just being selfish, and wants to keep trying to have his options open.

    To see if he is really making an effort and concerned with your feelings, then he is truly trying... if not, then you will know why he is really with you.

    I hope its the first reason.

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